Melissa Brookshire, DVM is a graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating, she practiced in a small animal hospital in Kansas City. Melissa co-owned a companion animal hospital from 1998 until 2005. Melissa served as the Director of Veterinary Services for a large pet food manufacturer for 4 years prior to creating North River Enterprises in 2007.

"Working in the pet food industry since 2003 has opened my eyes to many opportunities. Challenges to the industry arise and evolve more rapidly than ever before. Companies need unique solutions to fit their particular needs and that's what NRE is all about. Our two main strengths include providing veterinary support to the consumer and supporting the marketing and regulatory teams with technical expertise." ---Melissa


North River Enterprises (NRE) provides unique services to the pet food industry.  This dynamic consulting group has a keen ability to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of its various clients.  The team has expertise in veterinary medicine, customer service, regulatory compliance, marketing - to include branding and communication strategies - and training.  A key characteristic of the group is flexibility, allowing the firm to provide services not only for the largest of pet food companies but also for many small, family-owned companies in the pet food industry.

ALEX BRADLEY, DVM                                      JEREMY TARLOW, DVM                                DANA WILHITE, DVM



Mirända Smith is a communications major who plays an integral role in Consumer Support and Regulatory Compliance Maintenance. With an extensive background in relationship building and project management, Miranda also brings years of experience in administrative roles to NRE and provides support to many areas within North River Enterprises. Miranda’s strengths lie in identifying needs and finding solutions. She works closely with founder, Melissa Brookshire to aid in delivering essential solutions to you and your customers.