When you care about your customers, they care about you.


Our hand selected, highly trained veterinary professionals are available to provide customer support services that are second to none.  Each of our professionals is trained by an expert in the pet food industry and is assigned to a small number of accounts.

Our professionals are comfortable with all available modes of communication and are able to utilize phone, email, IM, online chat, and any other platforms you choose.


NRE has the ability to seamlessly connect to your customers to provide expert nutritional and/or healthcare advice as it pertains to your products.

Today's consumers need more than just a website to satisfy their informational requirements.  NRE can provide expert content management for Facebook, Twitter and blogs.


Our Customer Relationship Management outsourcing activities span the entire sales lifecycle, from answering product-related questions to up selling and cross selling. In addition to CRM outsourcing, our knowledgeable and experienced technical support services provide highly skilled assistance in all areas of maintaining a satisfied customer population.


While recalls are a fearsome event ever lurking in the distance, proper preparation is key to managing the situation with the least possible impact on your brand's reputation.  Take the right steps from the beginning.  Prepare a plan to cover every aspect of a recall before it happens.  And when it does happen, have a line direct to the resources that can help manage the consumer contacts from start to finish. 

The team at North River Enterprises can help you not only develop your recall plan, but also can be the voices on the other end of the phone when you need veterinary support.

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